200g unsalted butter, cubed
200g full cream milk


  • Place butter and milk in the TM bowl. Heat for 3 mins/90°C/speed 2 until the butter is melted.
  • Emulsify the butterfat into the milk 30 sec/speed 8 by slowly taking the speed up (about 1 sec for each speed number increase).
  • Use warm cream for desserts such as Creme brûlée. Chill 3 -4 hours for cold pouring cream or cool for 5 – 8 hours and then whip for whipped cream.

Cook’s notes

  • Thermomix cream made with full cream milk has 42% butterfat or 41% butterfat if made with semi-skimmed milk or 40% if made with skimmed milk. All will whip.

Recipe courtesy of Fast and Easy Cooking

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Thermomix Cream