600 g red wine, good quality
1 vanilla pod
130 g sugar
250 g cold butter, cut into pieces
2 eggs


  • Weigh 400 g of the wine into the TM bowl. Cook 10 – 15 min/Varoma/speed 2 without MC on to reduce. Set aside and cool down to room temperature.
  • Pour remaining wine into mixing bowl. Add vanilla pod and sugar. Heat 5 min/100°C/speed 2. Add butter and mix 20 sec/speed 5.
  • Add reduced wine (about 230 g) and heat 5 min/70°C/speed 3. In the first 2 minutes of the cooking, add both eggs, one after the other through the hole in the lid. Pour mixture into ice trays. Allow to cool then freeze.
  • Taking one half of the frozen mixture, blend 20 sec/speed 7 assisting with the spatula. Place into a freezing container. Repeat for the other half.
  • Freeze for at least another 2 hours. The ice-cream does not crystallise but remains light and creamy and can be scooped when required.

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Rotweines or Red Wine Ice cream