180 g popcorn kernels, popped in 15 g sunflower or grape seed oil
15 ml sugar
15 ml fine sea salt
5 ml cayenne pepper


  • Place 90 g of the popcorn into TM mixing bowl. Turbo/2 sec. Check the consistency, it should resemble a fine powder. Repeat if necessary until the correct consistency has been achieved. Set aside. Repeat with the remaining ingredients including the sugar and seasoning.
  • Place the set aside batch of popcorn powder into mixing bowl. Turbo/2 sec to blend. Store in an airtight container.
  • Serve over steamed, or grilled vegetables particularly cauliflower and corn. Accompany vegetables with grilled or steamed fish.

Cook’s Tips

  • Another plus using the Thermomix is that there is no need to sift through the popped corn to remove the un-popped kernals. The Thermomix’s power and speed cuts through the kernels, thus saving time and giving more value for money as there is no wastage…just saying!
  • Our suggestion is to serve it with chocolate mousse as a dust either on the mousse or spread on the plate with a quenelle of chocolate mousse. The slight bite and saltiness adds flavor and a lovely contrast to the creaminess of the chocolate mousse.
  • Roll the pomegranate truffles or any other truffles in the popcorn dust. Instead of the cayenne pepper, use dried chilli flakes.

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Popcorn Powder Seasoning