500 ml fresh, ripe Passion Fruit Pulp (Granadilla)
Zest and Juice of one sweet Orange
200 g Sugar (add 50g more, if you want it sweeter)
150 g Butter – unsalted and soft
4 Eggs – at room temperature



  • Place Sugar and Orange Zest in the TM mixing bowl and grind 20 sec/speed 10.
  • Add Butter, Eggs and 150g Orange Juice and cook 20 min/70°c/speed 2 without the measuring cup.
    Scrape down sides and repeat for another 20 min/70°/speed 2 without the measuring cup.
  • Insert measuring cup and mix 25 sec/speed 6.
  • Transfer into 3-4 sterilised Jam Jars with twist-off lids and close immediately.
    Allow to cool before serving or storing in the Refrigerator, up to one month.


Cook’s notes

  • Serve as a Spread on Toast or Scones, as a filling for Sponge Cakes and Tarts
  • Makes a Delicious Dessert, mixed with equal amounts of Whipped Cream or Greek Yoghurt and served with slices of fresh Mango and Biscuits.

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