200 g milk chocolate
400 g can sweetened condensed milk
850 g evaporated milk (2 x 375 ml cans)
300 g pure cream
1 tbsp instant coffee
3 tbsp boiling water
700 g whisky (Irish is recommended)


  • Grate chocolate in TM bowl for 10 sec/speed 9. Scrape down.
  • Melt chocolate for 5 min/50°C/speed 3. Scrape down.
  • Add condensed milk and mix with chocolate 5 min/50°C/speed 3. Meanwhile prepare ingredients for step 4.
  • Set time for 2 min/50°C/speed 3 and while blade is moving, add both cans of evaporated milk, cream and coffee (dissolved in boiling water).
  • Pour into a 3 litre jug (or large bowl).
  • Add the 700 g whiskey to the TM bowl, do a Turbo/reverse speed “wash”.
  • Pour whiskey into jug/large bowl to mix with the other ingredients, pour into sterilised bottles. Keep up to 3 months in the refrigerator.

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Irish Cream Liqueur