40g Coconut – Fresh (in chunks not more than 2cm big)
40g Almonds – Raw
40g Pitted Dates
1 Apple Quartered

  • Weigh all ingredients into TM bowl.
  • Turbo/2 secs. Repeat if a finer consistency is preferred.
  • Serve with fresh yoghurt and additional fruit as desired.

Cook’s notes

  • Layer mixture into sundae glasses with layers of natural yoghurt, CADA, and muesli. Honey may also be added for a little more sweetness.
  • Quantities of ingredients may be changed to suite personal tastes. E.g., more dates will give a sweeter mixture.
  • Texture may be changed to suit personal preference by pressing turbo button more or less.
  • For those really mad mornings, after chopping add 100ml liquid like apple juice, water and ice or yoghurt and blend 1 min/speed 8 to make into a smoothie to drink on your way to work.

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