1200 g water
Dried pasta, allow about 100 g per person of dried pasta, maximum 500 g
1/2 tsp salt


  • Place water and salt into mixing bowl. Set to boil for 14 min/Varoma/speed 1. The time for the water to boil will vary according to the temperature of the water placed in the bowl. In winter and in colder areas, it may take longer.
  • Once the water has reached 100°C, add the shaped pasta, through the hole in the lid and cook for approximately 8-10 min/100°C/reverse/spoon speed.
  • The time varies according to the type of pasta. Refer to the instructions on the packet of pasta as a guideline. Drain pasta and use as required.
  • For spaghetti – once the water has boiled, reset the Thermomix to 8-10 min/100°C/reverse/spoon speed, While the blades are turning slowly, on reverse, place the spaghetti in through the hole of the lid. There is no need to break it.
  • It is quite fascinating to watch the spaghetti slowly turning and as the spaghetti in the boiling water softens and the blades turn, it will continue to submerge itself completely in the water and cook. Again, refer to the packet, and personal preference for a time guideline. Drain and serve.

Cook’s Tips

  • PASTA WITH FETA, TOMATOES, ZUCCHINI AND WALNUT PESTOCook the pasta as per the directions above. Drain well and stir through a couple of heaped tablespoons (depending on personal taste) of walnut pesto (from last week’s recipe). Cut approximately 150 g cherry tomatoes in half. Stir through with some zucchini slices which have been lightly steamed (while the pasta is cooking), into hot pasta. Serve with rocket and Parmesan shavings.

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