280 g condensed milk
70 g lemon juice
400 g (one packet) of marshmallows
260 g pineapple pieces
230 g cream
100 g cherries
1 packet of tennis biscuits


  • Add 280 g condensed milk + 70 g of lemon juice in bowl. Mix for 10 sec/speed 5.
  • Add marshmallows, pineapple pieces, cream and cherries to the mixture in the bowl. If you are using a TM31, you may need to push the marshmallows down carefully into the bowl to ensure it doesn’t exceed the maximum bowl quantity. Mix 20 sec/speed 5.
  • Put a layer of Tennis biscuits on the bottom of a container (about 25 x 15 cm), then pour mixture over the tennis biscuits.
  • Store in fridge for an hour before serving.

Chefs Tips

  • To make the biscuit base more tasteful, crush the tennis biscuits beforehand and mix with some Coconut oil before you pour the mixture.
  • Sprinkle a handful of desiccated coconut on top of the tart once in the container.

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Cherry Marshmallow Fridge Tart