Recipe courtesy of Dani Valent

250 g dark chocolate broken into pieces
200 g pouring (whipping) cream
1 pinch salt
60 g blackberry vinegar
50 g shelled unsalted pistachios
30 g desiccated coconut
20 g cocoa nibs


  • Place chocolate into mixing bowl and chop 10 sec/speed 5. Transfer into a bowl and set aside.
  • Place cream and salt into mixing bowl and heat 3 min/80°C/speed 2.
  • Add chocolate and mix 1 min/speed 2, without measuring cup, or until temperature drops to 37°C.
  • Add 60 g of the blackberry vinegar from the previous Recipe of the week. Blend 20 sec/speed 3. Transfer into a sealable container and place into refrigerator to set (approx.) 4 hours. Clean and dry mixing bowl.
  • Place pistachios, coconut and cocoa nibs into mixing bowl and chop 2 sec/speed 8. Transfer into a bowl and set aside.
  • Roll 1 teaspoon of the ganache into a ball, then roll in pistachio mixture. Repeat with remaining ganache and pistachio mixture (approx. 35 truffles total). Place into refrigerator to set for 30 minutes or until firm, before serving cold.

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Blackberry Vinegar Chocolate Truffles